Thursday, 12 January 2017

Want a free ebook?

I'm running a Twitter poll to let people vote on what they want my next free promo to be - if you see a Twitter poll running about this then it's still running, if not then it's over!

Monday, 9 January 2017

Favian's Law released

Favian's Law, the final book in the Truth Teller trilogy by Kurt Chambers, is out now!

"Thirty years pass in a flash of elven magic and Charlotte loses all those dear to her. She tries to put things right but is forced to return home, leaving Elderfield to face certain death.

She has no way to save him, but worst still, no way to save herself. The discovery that her own world is changed beyond recognition leaves her no choice but to give up her gateway forever."

Available for Amazon Kindle

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Novella review - Roko's Labyrinth

Roko's Labyrinth is the second in a trilogy by author Michael Blackbourn.  I haven't yet read the first one - I know, I know, why read the second story first! - and the final story in the trilogy is currently being written.  I was sent a review copy by the author.

Having read the middle story first though I can tell you with confidence that Roko's Labyrinth works well as a standalone story, giving you enough background information to keep on top of what's written.  I don't want to reveal anything much about the plot but to say that AI is at war with humanity, but also at war with itself - and it all ties in with the AI's originator, Roko.  Labyrinth is the story of a hacker for hire that's been brought in to try to find a way to communicate with an entity that claims to be able to help humanity in their fight.

This is a tense, tightly-written story that grabs you from the first page and refuses to let go.  The technical descriptions sound plausible and although the hacker who the story mainly centres around is not what you'd call a paragon of virtue, the story changes with him starting out just looking for personal glory but becoming affected by what he learns and finding out that he does have a moral compass after all.  There's plenty of action which is written in uncompromising and sometimes brutal style, and although I saw one of the plot twists coming, I have to admit that the ending took me completely by surprise.

There is quite a bit of profanity in this story and that did spoil it for me to an extent (it's not exactly on every page but there is quite a lot); if you are sensitive to profanity you might want to give this one a miss, if not then there is really nothing you won't like about this novella if you like a good post-apocalyptic sci-fi technothriller.  It's intriguing and gripping, with enough humanity to keep things grounded.  Not sure on the exact word count but from the Kindle pages estimate probably around 30-35K.